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Roses inspire me... an odd poem

This poem probably needs a lot of work, but I need to vent some of my romantic, tragic feelings.

Look at the rose
The dark red rose with withering beauty
So elegant and so poised
You'd never know how much she suffers
You'd never see the tears
stream down her stem
You'd never see the blood
that drips from her petals
Ah yes! Cliche at times,
but this rose...
This rose is not a cliche
Her pain is real
Her love was real,
but her thorns hurt no one but herself
And so she suffers
But you wouldn't know
She hides it so well
And in hiding it, hides herself
And though broken and dejected,
that which she hides, is her true beauty
The soul that she hides is truly beautiful
Romantic and tragic, idealistic and visionary
That soul is the victim of the rose's cruel environment
And now look -
the red, red rose withers and becomes
black... blacker..
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