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My Despair

No one can see me,
No one can hear me,
No one can touch me,
No one can feel me.
I cannot breathe
I cannot speak
I cannot think
I cannot feel.
They want to hear me
but they cannot listen;
They want to know me,
but they barely see me.
My thoughts are a mess
My eyes are clouded
My heart is chaos,
My soul turns black.
Inner feelings taunt me
Inner thoughts tear me down
Inner demons haunt me
Inner child wears a frown.
Demons, Devils, Angel's wings,
no one will ever hear me scream
my pain my torment nothing more
my mind far away, peaceful Italian shores..
Bring me love, Bring me peace..
These thoughts are not mine
they say death is sublime
Bleeding slowly, breathing fast
Heart beating, not long to last.
They cannot reach me deep inside
deep inside I do hide
I will lurk within my soul
This darkness is getting out of control.
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